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Sharesave 2019

A simple and safe way to save and invest in us

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How Sharesave works

Choose your savings...

Simply choose to save between £5 and £250 a month

Just relax...

From 10 January, we’ll take your chosen amount from your pay each month for three years

Safe and secure...

Your savings are held with Lloyds Bank plc and are protected by the Financial Services Compensation scheme (FSCS)

Need to stop saving?

You can cancel your scheme and have all your savings returned at any time

End of three years...

Decide what to do with your savings

  • Buy shares at the 20% discounted share price, and
    • keep your shares as a long term investment, or:
    • Sell your shares and benefit from any share price growth*
  • or have your total savings returned

*Share prices may fall as well as rise.

Join by 5pm
Tuesday 3 December 2019

What could it mean for me?

Here’s an example of what you could get if you save £30 a month:

12 Nov

Discounted share price confirmed

eg. £1.60

By 3 Dec

Choose your monthly savings

eg. £30 per month

Savings complete

You save for 3 years

eg. total savings £1,080

Jan-July 2023

You decide what to do

Buy shares

If the share price is £2.50

eg. £607.50 profit


Savings returned

If the share price is less than £1.60

eg. £1,080 back to you

In this example if the share price grows your savings could increase by £607.50 or over 56%! Don’t worry if the share price falls you won’t lose out as you will have saved £1,080 and you’ll be able to have all your savings returned.

Key Dates


Apply now


Application window closes at 5pm, giving you longer to apply once the discounted share price is announced


Your first payment

3 year savings period

09December 2022

Your last payment

01February 2023

You have 6 months from today to buy discounted shares or have your savings returned

Your first payment will be taken out of your January 2020 pay

How to join

Text 84247 *
  • Send the following text message to 84247
  • SAVEMS (space)
  • Your 8-digit employee number (space)
  • Your date of birth DDMMYYYY (space)
  • The amount you want to save (space)
  • Y to confirm the FSCS information sheet has been made available to you (space)
  • Y to confirm you have read and accept the T&C’s
    e.g SAVEMS 12345678 12011970 50 Y Y (send to 84247)

Texts will be charged at your standard network rate.

* By using the text service you apply to join the scheme and acknowledge that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Information Sheet and Exclusions list have been made available to you.

Online via either‑ or

Click here to join

If you have not used my-choices or the share schemes website before you will need to register using your 8-digit employee number. You will then be able to access the share schemes website straight away through my-choices.

Once you’ve applied to join, you’ll receive a confirmation email which you should keep.

Phone 0800 211 211 *

Call the number above and follow the instructions.

At the end of the call please make a note of the confirmation number until your scheme is shown on the share scheme website.

* More legal bits
A copy of the Sharesave Terms and Conditions, Bank Prospectus and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Information Sheet (FSCS) and Exclusions list referred to have been made available to you on These form the basis on which our services will be provided to you. For your own benefit you should read these terms carefully before giving an application instruction. If you do not understand any point please call 0371 384 2941. I understand that if this declaration is untrue in any respect any interest or bonus payable under the Plan will be forfeited.

More questions?

Read our FAQs

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You can save from £5 to £250 a month across all of your Sharesave schemes.

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